How do I get the IGEL client into the internal network?

Hi everybody my name is Miguel

How do I get the IGEL client into the internal network?

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We used to get the clients into the internal network via the DHCP option. We opened the port for the management server, which is located in the internal network, through the firewall and let it into the open network (where all devices, including, for example, third-party smartphones that are not allowed into the internal network, receive an IP) and then sent the internal certificate to the clients via the DHCP option. Our security department finds this option too insecure. Can you tell me how you set up an IGEL client and then send it into the internal network?

Your going to need the ports open from the UMS server(s) to the client range to be able to deploy policies and firmware.

Thank you Carl

the current zero client first lands in the guest lan, where it can communicate with the Teradici Management Console and then receives the internal 802.1x certificate. All non-internal devices (e.g. visitors with their smartphones, etc.) are located in the guest lane. The Teradici server accesses the Guest LAN from the internal network via the firewall. For security reasons, this procedure is no longer desired in the future.

Can you tell us how you solve such an implementation? We do not want that UMS can access in the Guest LAN because of the security issues.

Are these wifi IGEL devices? If not, any reason as to why they couldn’t be connected to switch ports on the internal LAN? Or maybe consider IGEL Cloud Gateway?

Yep, ICG and the Enterprise Management pack should be the solution for htis

ok thank you 🙂

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