How do I properly upgrade IGEL UD3 devices from IGEL OS 10 to IGEL OS 11?

Hello! I am trying to upgrade a UD3 device of ours from os10 to os11. The device has an ‘unlimited license present’. I upgraded the device from 10.05.500.01 to to see if I could fix an issue before upgrading to OS11, and I now have an unlicensed workspace edition maintenance license. How do I properly upgrade UD3 units from 10 to 11 that arrived licensed?

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@member To upgrade from OS10 to 11, the device should be on at least 10.05.700 and you should have an OS11 WE (Workspace Edition) License available on your UMS. What is the error you are getting (screenshot)? Additionally, you can find more information here:

Since the thin clients were delivered with licenses present, how would I receive the OS11 licenses? We have a firefox profile for ADP login for our employees. They made an upgrade over the weekend that now requires Firefox 66 or higher, which is available on OS11

When I upgraded from 10.05.500.01 to the license went from ‘Unlimited License Present’ to the attached screen shot

Yes, this is the case as the devices are now eligible to receive a WE license. With the new licensing model, you will need to procure WE (OS11) licenses. Please contact your sales or distribution partner to get the same. In the meantime, you can always download a few trial licenses here to test:

I will contact distro partner to acquire licenses.


Since these igel UD3’s arrived licensed, What would be the best method to apply demo licenses to these thin clients as i’m waiting for my Igel sales rep to get back to me? Thanks!

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