How do I remove IGEL Workspace Edition licenses from IGEL OS?

Hello, I have en expired IGEL Workspace Edition pack with attached hardware. I want to change to an active pack, but I have to delete the hardware from the expired pack first, but the button to delete hardware in the licence portal is missing. What should I do? All my active packs have the delete hardware button. I have tried with archiving, but nothing changed. Thanks in advance.

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Hello Alexander,

usually, you can just take the Mac Address (copy and paste) and add it to the new pack. From what I recall there is no need to remove it by hand.

Hello, thanks. I added the new licence manually. I had to wait for the reboot to be completed. Now the new licence is displayed for the client. But how do I delete the hardware from the expired pack? It is still listed there.

You can‘t by yourself, it stays there.

Okay, it was just for the order. Then it’s fine. Thank you

Yea, they remain for audit records.

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