How do we change this yellow highlight color in IGEL OS?

I’m having a case of the Mondays.. how do we change this yellow highlight color? I’ve already changed “User Interface > Desktop > Highlight color of the UI theme” to blue, which was a challenge on it’s own (can’t type the RGB values in UMS, have to convert to HSB first !?). The small edge on the start menu and taskbar is indeed blue, yet the highlights are still showing in yellow. What am I missing?

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From what I remember, there is no persistent config through UMS profiles, you could sed a few lines in our GUI config on endpoint side but I’m not sure that it would whorst a effort. Alternatively, you could try the “dark” theme maybe:

I’ve tried various combinations of these options, but non seem to solve the issue.

Hi Gijs, the highlight are produced by icons.

They are located under /usr/share/icons/IGEL-Dark/catagories/

You can create a custom application command gpicview to have a quick look at all the icons we have inboard.

You could use something like WinSCP to grab the icons over SSH and give them a re-color.

Then you need to create some way of replacing the original files.

Let us know if you need any help with that.

Hi Guido, thanks, some help would be very much appreciated

Hi Gijs, it seems all the yellow is done by style=”fill:#ffcc00 in the svg file.

Svg files are readable text files so we could create a little script to replace ffcc00 to something else.

Maybe @member knows a little trick to replace a string on multiple files. Something with sed i guess.

@member sonething like that:

sed -i -e ‘s/colourtoreplace/rightcolor/g’ /path/yourfile.svg

That’s a good start👍

@member good stuff! Didn‘t knew that vector graphics are editable! Thank you!!

Well I’ve got the script to work… Just didn’t change the color…😔

find /usr/share/icons/IGEL-Dark/categories/scalable/ -name “*.svg”| xargs sed -i -e ‘s/#ffcc00/#cccccc/i’

Our GUI uses the PNG’s so back to squire one.

Have also a look at Doug’s Customization guide,, page 12

@member we allready downloaded those documents and Zips. Ill use a color overlay and edit those png files @member. And help @member with getting them replaced

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