How do we get an IGEL device with a slash through it connected so we can send an update through UMS?

We have some one working remotely, and she has the cloud connection with a slash through it. How do we get her connected so we can send an update through UMS.

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Easiest way would be to reinitiate an ICH connection through the ICG Agent Setup

in the Start menu, under system.

If that doesn‘t work, and you checked that Internet connectivity is given, Time is set correctly, and the device doesn‘t connect even after reboot please let use know!

I had to delete to device from UMS and empty the bin in the past to completely re-enroll a device with connectivity issues.

I get this: failed to get certificate from server

Which UMS / ICG / Igel OS Version are you using?


ICG OS 11.04.240

ICG 2.02.110

Also UMS says is not connected to the gateway 😞 Was working fine earlier in the week.

Ok, if UMS is not connected, could you check if both servers are synced in terms of time? Are you able to restart both of them?

I rebooted the UMS, and rebooted the Amazon Instance

And did it reconnect?

It did not. I just connected a client inhouse that was setup, and it connected to the cloud. Yesterday that client was remote, most everyone is, and had no connection.

But is your UMS connected to the ICG now?

yes, almost seems like it does not stay connected if it does not see active clients locally.

You are welcome: checking Time between Endpoint, ICG, UMS, ADC would be great.

On logs side: UMS Server: IGELRemoteManagerrmguiserverlogs, Catalina

ICG: /opt/IGEL/icg/usg/logs/

may also help.

Is there a AV/Firewall between UMS and ICG? I would disable them temporarly.

Looks like we have some errors in the UMS log, relating to Java? We have AV on the server, will have to find out how to disable it.

This is kinda similar to mine. I came back after a couple weeks off, and the only thing on the ICG server would have been regular security updates. I can’t connect a device to ICG anymore. Current ones connected are fine, but one that was offline won’t reconnect. When trying to overwrite the config I get the failed to get certificate. Our ICG services are running and connected to the UMS Server.

On thing I noticed is that you are still on UMS 6.05.110. I don‘t believe this will fix but please consider an update to 6.06

Beside the AV, don‘t forget to check time and ICG Logs too @member

@member which UMS/ICG versions are you on?

6.06.100 UMS & 2.02.110 ICG

And on Logs, nothing to see?

I still havent looked at logs. Just found this out last night before I got off

whats the best way to look at logs on ICG?

SSH the server, and check content of:



Beside the fact that no UMS is connected, nothing obvious IMHO, at least not on first sight on my phone… Is there „something“ between UMS and ICG?

The UMS is in the Production Network and the ICG is in our DMZ

so firewalls

Its strange because the UMS says the ICG is connected and I can connect to existing connected devices

Looks like my admins made a cloud flare change without telling me

A Network change, without informing the concerned people…. No way that this happened😬😁

I know right. This isn’t the first time haha

slap them

I would, but hes my Manager lol

Hmm, ok @member, in this case maybe better to show him how you solved the issue… or slap him twice 😂

made my day 😂

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