How do you create an CSR for IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG)

How do I create a CSR for Igel Cloud Gateway? I’m trying to order a SSL certificate for the appliance

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Have a look in this guide

Thanks, Udo! I’ve never set ICG before, so this helps.

Btw, what’s the web server used for ICG? I’m trying to download the standard SSL cert (.zip) from GoDaddy, but not sure which option to select (apache, tomcat, other?)

Best Option is to go for a Tomcat (but technically there is no big difference it is just how the certs are organized)

Thanks, Christian! By the way, what are the required firewall ports needed for ICG to UMS to IGEL UD3 and UDC thin clients? The .PDF mentions ports but it’s internal from UMS to TC. Maybe just TCP 8443 only?

You are correct, 8443 is required both between ICG and UMS and between ICG and the Internet for clients.

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