How do you license a Windows 10 IGEL UMA?

How do you license a Windows 10 uma? This is threw an Enterprise Management Pack, correct? I keep getting the message: There are no compatible packs for the selected devices available…

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Yes, it, you need one registered OS11 device that hold a WE / valid maintenance / valid EMP subscription in your UMS. As soon as this is done you can register as many UMAs as you want.

In UMS on the windows 10 device it shows unlimited license present. On the device itself it says UMS remote management is not licensed (but in release notes this is noted as a known issue). On deploying a profile the result is error no valid UMA license found

Do you have a Linux OS11 device registered on that UMS?


Which UMA / UMS Version?

Windows 10 1909 with UMA 3.01.100 – UMS 6.05.100

What version of UMS are you running?

6.05 on windows server 2012R2

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