How does moving a device in UMS directories impact the configuration?

Good Morning all: Very quick question: I moved several Devices from one Folder in UMS to another one… The Devices were showing “RED”, or, OFFLINE… They also had the “Changes Pending” blue icon on them… WHY? Does a Device have to be ONLINE in order for a simple, UMS-side change (like moving them to a different folder in UMS) to take effect? This is UMS 6.09…

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Hi Greg,

yes, the device needs to be online or have been online to retrieve the settings (or other commands).

Well it was Online, say, yesterday (or maybe earlier this week)… I guess I don’t understand why the Device, itself, cares what folder it’s in, in UMS… Isn’t it a simple Change to that Device’s record in the UMS database?

And if we were to Move that Device again, to another Folder, would the Device “process” BOTH updates or just the latest one?

Another way of asking is, If we move a Device to, say, a “Temp” folder we made, and to which we’ve applied a Profile that will force a Factory Reset, what will the sequence of Actions be on Device?

Oh, now I got it. Yes, the device will get a Configuration changed flag even if you move it from directory1 and 2 if both are are empty, without profiles assigned.

On sequence: depending on how you made it, it should be applied depending on the popup asking for now or next reboot. How did you configured the Reset to factory defaults?

Well to be more clear, the Devices were in a “parent” folder to which all our normal Prod profiles are assigned… We made a SUB-folder in that same “parent” folder and moved a few Devices from the “parent” to that sub-folder, as part of a pilot we’re doing… The sub-folder will then have a Profile assigned to it that takes some actions we’ve scripted, which will — for simplicity’s sake — move those Devices to our newer UMS…

We’re just wondering… If there is a “pending change” for the Device to change Folders, in the current UMS, and then another “pending change” to be moved again, will the device get “lost in space” somehow because it has 2 pending changes that seem to “conflict”?

No, this will not cause any issues!

Well as you can probably guess, the first Move — to the sub-folder — shows as “the action failed” (description: “Save device’s configuration”) in the Message section at the bottom of the UMS interface, so… that is concerning…

Then again… This is why we’re doing a “Pilot”, so… We’ll see what happens!

This just means, that the Universal Management Suite couldn’t reach out to the device to save the setting BUT the device will retrieve the setting on next boot.

Right, that much I get, I just wonder what will happen when the device is told, “Go to this Folder” and then, immediately, “No, wait! Go to this other UMS”… 🙂 I guess we’ll find out!

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