How does one go about getting info on IGEL Academy Premium?

how does one go about getting info on IGEL Academy Premium? Not really finding much about it.

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@member — Contact your friendly IGEL sales rep. 😉

Followup question. Does anyone on here have IGEL Academy Premium?

Id really like to know that too 🙂 Id like to know how the ICE course is.

Ed will present everything about our Academy Premium and planned content, he will also answer all Questions here.

IGEL Academy Premium is brand new, so only internal IGEL people have had the opportunity to take the new ICE Course. I know it’s not as good as having someone outside IGEL give some feedback, but perhaps some of our techs could chime in on their experience with the course. @member @member @member @member @member @member

Hello Ed! I think I was one of the first IGEL employees to go through the new ICE Course. Within two weeks I went through both the old course and the new one, and hands-down the new one is light-years more involved and packed with information. The virtual lab work was relevant and engaging, and, yes, even enjoyable. As a customer support engineer, I learned things I didn’t know. I’ve recommended the course to several of our customers and I’d recommend it to anyone who is using IGEL products, regardless of your experience level.

@member some facts in a sheet perhaps? :face_with_cowboy_hat:

I love the way we do it providing lab access to test yourself without setting up your own environment.

The topics are more precise in the new ICE and more in detail, so you really get in touch with more features what UMS and IGEL OS is offering.

Looking forward to the ICE packs 😉

@member That is just on IGEL Academy, not IGEL Academy Premium. However, they did go over it in the recent IGEL Technical Meetup. Thanks

Ups – too many PDFs 🙂

Cant wait to get access to this but…it might be later. As local government thats a commitment for training.

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