How does the Mac address passthrough work on IGEL OS?


A question regarding the new mac address pass-through feature in 11.08.440.

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The HP EliteBook devices we’re running Igel OS on right now don’t have an internal LAN nic, but it is possible to configure a system mac address in BIOS.

The HP docking station we usually have in the field can natively use the configured system mac via bios pass-through.

However, we also have some display devices with integrated docking stations, those can’t use the configured system mac natively.

Since we’re using ip reservation based on mac addresses for dhcp, devices which use these integrated docking stations can’t access our network via LAN (we don’t want to use the mac of the docking station itself, for security reasons).

If we configure the mac address pass-through feature in Igel OS to use the LAN1 mac for the other nics, it of course uses the mac of the docking station, since it’s detected as lan nic 1.

Is there some way to use the bios configured system mac address from a device without a dedicated LAN nic for the mac address pass-through feature?

Hi Hans, I will ask!

Could you try this?

### Network

Added MAC-address passthrough among Ethernet devices. With the following

registry key a LAN device can be specified from which the MAC address shall be

adopted. The donor device and any conflicting receiver device will be removed

(by unbinding the driver) as long as the receiving device is present.


|Parameter |`MAC address source` |


|Registry |`network.interfaces.ethernet.device%.mac_source` |


|Range | [none][LAN][LAN2][LAN3][LAN4] |


|Value |none* |


Example: If LAN2 and LAN3 are configurations for docking stations that shall

adopt the MAC address from LAN, the following two parameters must be set to




Warning: Misconfiguration may result in loss of connectivity

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