How i can disable F12 Development/Debug Mode for Firefox on IGEL OS?

Next Firefox questions πŸ˜• Does anyone found the option, how i can disable F12 Development/Debug Mode for Firefox? Gui has no option an registry too 😞 I found same “deny” keys in the registry for firefox, but no one helps….. its for security a bad dream if we cant deactivate FN+F12. Ths and regards, Gregor

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Hi Gregor, please try to open a normal Firefox, open the about:config site. There you should find a few entries starting with devtools. (one is called devtools.enabled), if one of them is covering your needs, you could use them in a profile. Like this:

Something must be blocking access to about:config

@member right, thatβ€˜s why I asked for a β€žnormalβ€œ Firefox 😁 itβ€˜s easier to debug there

But anyway, you can unblock it by using:

Sessions=>Browser=>Session=>Browser=>Window=>uncheck hide configuration page of the browser


Config side work in “blank” Browser….. mhhh 1-2 settings there πŸ˜•

@member and it worked like expected?

too many settings for tests πŸ˜• i can hide some parts from the devbar like “debugger” or “inspector” but i search always too hide the hole section and options……

Hint: in recent firmwares sporting firefox 60 it is disabled by policy

That is in IGEL firmwares >=10.05.100

I can not use last build with ff 60 thats my problem. If we use it, our customer has massive Probs with his html5 storefronts….. ff60 doesnt found the local receiver and open all in browser.

Unfortunatly It is almost indestructable in older firefoxes

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