How I can install Chrome installed on an IGEL OS

Hello All, We have an internal website that uses java controls that don’t work on Firefox browser. Does anyone know how I can get Chrome installed on an IGEL OS. I’ve downloaded the chrome installation (.deb) file, but it’s not letting me install it. Thanks

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If you figure this out, let me know, as I am interested in using Chrome also.

Offically is not supported and I didn ́t tested yet, but you can follow these steps (Custom partition): Other workaround is to run your favorite browser inside a RDP or other kind of session connecting to a server.

More info and good news

@member @member is absolutely right! If you want to get the latest Custom Partition delivered without building it: the process would be to open a ticket at Igel Support and ask for it!

Has anyone had any luck connecting to FTP site URL=

I get the following error 530 User cannot log in.

No permission to access file

@member @member @member is my site, and the CP of chrome was a “project” i was using to demo UD Pocket. It is not maintained. To get your hands on the Google Chrome Custom Partition, you need to create a ticket and ask for it.

Of course, that link is a private file. As Fredrik said, if is not maintained, is better that you open a ticket.

IGEL provided the chrome custom partition and it works fine. Thanks for all your help

CHeckout the IGEL Custom Partitions template store: and our github page:

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