How is everyone handling device health/status in IGEL UMS?

How is everyone handling device health/status in UMS? Management is asking if there’s a way to proactively see issues on IGEL devices, and I can’t find any health check items outside of a license check in the system info.

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not in a proper out of the box manner, tbh. They are a few possibilities but, not for all of them atm.

On Endpoint:

is one thing to consider, but I believe we should have it automated and printable. We discussed it a few times, thanks for reminding.

On UMS, you could parse logs regularly from UMS (Tomcat, etc…), but I havent a template atm.

Yeah, I think we’d definitely be looking for something automated. There’s zero chance you’ll convince anyone to randomly parse through logs on a regular basis, IMO.

I haven’t really looked into what data you get from this, but what about a solution like Lakeside Systrack?

That almost looks like it’s meant to be monitoring an entire Citrix environment, from the endpoint in. What little I found didn’t really sound like what I was looking for. Then again, the more I think about it, I’m not sure what could possibly be gathered. The fact that you can reboot a thin client and get right back to the state it was in at the previous boot up makes it quite unique, especially compared to a traditional Windows thick client.

Is there any reason why you wouldn’t recommend configuring that debuglog partition for all devices full-time? I was thinking of going that route and setting up a 100MB partition with syslog rotation enabled. Not sure if the others are worth enabling.

Usually, this debug tools take a bit of performance so I‘m using them when needed, but try them and see if this impacts the CPU / IO, I believe that ping may be interesting also!

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