How is Imprivata appliance mode on 11.04.100 is working on IGEL OS

Hey everyone! I was just curious how the imprivata appliance mode on 11.04.100 is working for everyone? We are currently on the 7.2 PIE agent as well. Our current setup is having Epic to be the FUS resource. I was wondering how the imprivata appliance is geared to work exactly from a workflow standpoint. Should there be a screen requesting the end users to badge in and out like the previous setup for imprivata?

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11.04 has new configurations for FUS that are in the profile. So you can configure a generic account for Imprivata directly in the appliance configuration page.

Just keep in mind that Imprivata has not certified 11.04 at this time.

Awesome, thank you. We have that aspect setup I was just curious of the ideal workflow for this appliance. We are able to bypass with our generic credentials to our storefront to have Epic launch successfully however are the users supposed to be able to badge from there? I was just curious when the badge comes into play or the ideal workflow setup.

They should be able to badge into the OneSign agent running on the VM. There are possibly some registry keys that you will need to get from Imprivata to make that work.

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