How is the timing of Custom commands

Can anybody tell me which of the custom commands can be used after a IGEL client wakes up from standby?

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It should also run after applying profile changes.

I would check Reconfiguration then, even if I‘m not sure to 100% if it applies to Wake up…

So there a no detail information available about the custom commands? Would be very helpful to see the sequence how they will be applied.

There is, sure:

Hey Eric, I posted a “cc-mapper” profile, so that people may analyze some of the triggers and timings around custom commands. Give it a go and see if it helps you:

What kind of command are you looking for?

I want to apply IGEL OS firmware with a CC. It work’s on a normal/cold start but It have to be also work after wake up from standy.

Thanks @member! This look very helpful for me.

So it seems this is the standard sequence on a cold boot…

Base-1: Initialization

Desktop-1: Desktop initialization

Base-2: Before session configuration

Network-1: Network initialization

Base-3: After session configuration

Network-2: After network DNS

Base-4: Final initialization command

Network-2: After network DNS

Network-3: Before network services

Network-4: Final network command

Desktop-2: Before Desktop Start

Reconfiguration-1: After reconfiguration

Desktop-3: Final desktop

I will check how it looks for a boot from standby.

Any luck? Curious minds want to learn… 😁

I can’t test it from home 😑

I will test it next week in the Office.

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