How many monitors are supported by igel

another question how many monitors are supported by igel?

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That depends more on hardware than IGEL OS

We have an HP Z2 mini G4 that supports 4 monitors but only 3 are presenting in the UMS console and on the igel OS on the device.

Ah, you will want to use Display Switch on the endpoint for anything more then 2 displays

We are using igel OS 11

thank you Chris

we have display switch enabled but it still only shows 3 monitors as available

In advanced mode do you see one as disabled?

No we dont see any as disabled.

If you open a terminal and run xrandr does it show more than 2 displays?

Also, are there any BIOS settings around video memory or anything?

it shows the following

HDMI1 and 2 connected

DP 1 and 2 disconnected

Are there 2 video cards?


Ah, according to the page I saw earlier, the two video card configruation has some limitations. I think one is that it only works on Windows

May try the Computer Setup Utility

Okay thanks

That they mention, but mileage may be limited

we are going to try with another machine that has support for 4 monitors without the second card and see how it goes

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