How often do we need to update IGEL OS firmware?

My boss is asking me how often do we need to do firmware updates? I wanted to know what is the recommended practice. I do not have the time to do an update every time a firmware release is available so I want to setup a schedule based on best practices. If you have a link to a guide that would be great. Also any suggestions on how to schedule the updates. About a year ago I had found an article on how to setup the update to run when the device is at the login for a set time but I could not get it to work. Having it run after the next reboot might take months some devices rarely are rebooted. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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My opinion is: if you don’t need any specific feature, or you don’t have a specific issue that is included or solved in the “private build” published here, you can stay on the official build released on Those are published 1 each 3-4 months nearly and let you stay quite about updates. Also, this official updates are also pushed to the UMS and advised you by a popop up when opening UMS, so you can simply download them in the UMS directly and apply to thin clients.

Also, about the firmware update guide, here you will find everything, step by step. It is based on an old version, but still working fine.

Basic message, if the current version works for you — Stay will it until you need a new feature software / hardware or to patch a security item.

Here is a document that outlines lifecycle:

You could use the built in jobs/tasks in UMS to schedule updates ahead of time. I wouldn’t recommend it running on a schedule though. Just when you know your ready to deploy. Buddy updates are great as well so you don’t overwhelm your UMS server.

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