How should I upgrade from UMS 6 to UMS12?

Hi… I want to ask this question, but do not want to ruffle any feathers or offend anyone who has said in the past to “think of UMS12 as UMS6.10.latest” .

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I have not yet updated our company UMS to the latest (I think it was up to 6.10.150?). We have been running UMS 6.10.130 for some time now. Maybe it’s the nomenclature, or that I have not really done enough reading on UMS12 and Cosmos, but my comfort level of jumping our existing production UMS from 6.10.130 to UMS12 is not high. Is it really safe for me to just install over our production UMS 6.10.130, or is it a safer process to go the route of building out a new server specifically for UMS12 to replace our existing production UMS 6.10.130 server? I went to the IGEL site to download whatever the latest available was before UMS12, but all the UMS 6.10.140 and 6.10.150 download links have been removed.

Our UMS server is a Windows Server 2016, with 9GB RAM, 60GB Storage, 4 Core CPU, and we use an external SQL 2016 database. We have 1200 EMP and WE OS 11 licenses with just under 900 active endpoints, of which roughly 100 are external ICG connected endpoints.

IF I don’t really need to go the route of building a new server, I really need to raise my comfort level of just running the UMS12 upgrade on our existing UMS. But I wanted to check here to see what others have done, if anyone has run into any deal-stopping problems doing an in place update from 6.10.1xx to UMS12. And if it was necessary to upgrade hardware specs before going to UMS12… OR if it was really a smooth and uneventful upgrade. In a perfect world, isn’t that what we’d all like to experience?

I’ve done an in-place upgrade without any issues. Especially if your only going to use the Java console there is not much that probably could go wrong. However take the common precautions and make a DB backup and a snapshot of the UMS server. Just in case something goes wrong. And you might want to consider upping your RAM to 12GB, 9GB is the minimum (with UMS with UMS Console, Embedded Database, and UMS Web App).

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