How to Activate and Deactivate WWAN on IGEL via a command or script?

Hi, we encountered a problem with the integrated wwan on a Dell LAtitude 5510 with Igel OS 11.04.240. If wwan is enabled, i think every connections runs over wwan, even if the LAN cable is connected. I can see it, because for external connections our Citrix Gateway needs a 2 Factor Authetification.

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Now i tried to build some custom applications to Activate and Deactivate WWAN , but have no luck with the command nmcli radio wwan off. It looks likge IGEL OS is not using this command to DE-/Active WWAN. Does anybody have some hints for us?

Hi, did you issued the command in a Terminal as root first? Something like these:

nmcli r wwan on && systemctl restart network-manager

Hi Sebastian, thanks for your reply. I tried it, but it doesn’t work. In the terminal the status shows WWAN enabled, but there is no symbol in the taskbar. When i activate it trough the gui it works as aspected.

Can you provide a few screenshots?

If I understand what you want, you want to disable WiFi whenever an Ethernet cable is connected?


i found a solution. I have to use the command nmcli device disconnect cdc-wdm0 to deactivate the WWAN Connection. After a restart the connection is automatically enabled, so i put the command also in the custom commands. It looks good till now.

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