How to add a black backround box to my conky text on IGEL OS

Hi everyone. Looking for a way to add a black backround box to my conky text. Here is my current config within UMS and what it looks like on the desktop.

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You again? 😉

Did the xinerama_head fix the conky visiblity?

Yes it did. Everything that I have a question for you guys have a resolution for, I apperciate it greatly!

Good to hear! 😉

A good intro, with some IGEL specific configurations:

And then get as crazy as you’d like:

I just dont understand where I am applying the config changes. Do I create a seperate rule in the UMS under conky & settings. For example If I want to add borders around the box is this correct?

Conky can be a bit of a chore to get exactly as you want. Partially because some of the documentation is inconsistent. Partially because in IGEL, the process goes through IGEL’s own mechanisms to deliver and unravel the config file.

So you are in the right area in the screen shot above. That looks right to me.

I’m actually interested in how you got transparent Conky working. I’ve played with it, and have not been able to get a transparent Conky working at all?!?

1. Which IGEL OS version are you running?

2. Are you able to post your resulting Conky file from `/etc/conky/conky.conf`?

For background colour, the Conky documentation mostly uses the spelling “color”, with “own_window_colour” being an exception.

So in this case, to get a pink background:

“`Config name –> own_window_colour

Config value –> ‘pink’“`

If the above doesn’t work to get the background colour working, it could also be your opacity settings. However, so far, they seem ineffective in my own environment, and I’m always seeing a solid background.

Ok, seems that “opacity” feature, might require wm “compositing” setting, which I didn’t have enabled. (Now I’m having difficulting “undoing the compositing”, but that’s another story)

Assuming that you have “opacity” working, if you wanted a semi-transparent rectangle around your conky, all you should need to do is change the `Conky System Monitor –> Options –> “Opacity” slider` to the middle (around 100). When applied to the IGEL endpoint, it results in the “/etc/conky/conky.conf” file having the following entry:

“`conky.config = {

own_window_argb_value = 100,


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