How to add a Disconnect button to Citrix Self-service configuration for IGEL OS in UMS?

Is there a way to get a “Disconnect” button or icon, when using the Citrix Self-service configuration for UD3 in UMS? Customer request…

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Hi, Generally the disconnect is doen from session. But i guess you want to have this as of if using published apps instead of desktop’s?

Yes, we’re using seamless apps.

I found it in the Citrix Receiver windows, under in the menu under the user name there, but that is a bit inconvenient….

Also, closing the citrix Receiver WIndows disconnects the session, but that isn’t to obvious for the general user.

creating a custom application System->Firmware Customization->Custom Application, create a new one and as Settings->Command you specify:

And thw command would be something like “selfservice -disconnect”, won’t it?

Have to check the syntax for the linux version of Receiver here. 😛

“/usr/bin/icacontrol disconnect#

without the quotes

That easy, ey? 🙂 Thanks.

that will disconnect all apps i suppose

I’ll give it a test.

should work also when using selfservice

And post back, ofc….

“/usr/bin/icacontrol disconnect”

without quotes

Yup, got it..

That did the trick. 🙂 Now to find the correct icon for the shortcut. Thanks again!

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