How to add a shortcut to the Wireless Manager on the IGEL OS desktop?

Hi guys, I have set up a profile using the appliance mode connecting to our Citrix environment. Everything is restricted in the profile and it only opens Firefox for the Netscaler connection. The taskbar is hidden, so no one is able to see it. Now we have UDPs running in notebooks and using different wifi networks. Is there a way to put a shortcut to the Wireless Manager on the desktop? Thanks Stefan

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Hi Stefan, yes. Create a Custom Application:

and use the command start-wireless-manager

To Start it you could create a Hotkey: Ctrl alt W

Hi @member, I have created a new Custom Application and it is shown on my Igel desktop. But a double-click on it doesn’t do anything. Is “start-wireless-manager” the correct command or do I have to add something else? Thanks Stefan

Hi @member Dumb Question maybe but did you activate under Network=>Lan Interfaces=>Wireless the checkbox Enable Wireless Manager? If no, please try that one.

There are no dump questions. 😉 And yes, I did that before.

But currently I’m testing the behavior with my VM. Maybe that is the problem. I will test with a “hardware client” and give a feedback.

That was the problem! With a notebook, everything works like a charm. Thanks for your support!✅

Awesome!! Thanks for the feedback!

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