How to add a countdown timer popup when user reboots IGEL OS?

Hi! When executing ‘user_shutdown’ , a window pops up asking the user if they are sure if they want to shut down that is on a timer (dialog timeout). Can I have the same behaviour on the ‘user_reboot’ window? Currently ‘user_reboot’ also asks for user confirmation, but without the timer, so the device doesn’t reboot until the button is clicked.

I would ideally like it to work in the same way we shut down our devices every evening to save energy, see

This adds a basic script that calls user_shutdown which is executed using a cron job

In System, Registry:


should help you out or at least point you in the right direction­čśä

Thanks, but the dialogue with timer does not seem to work for the reboot, only for shutdown.

Would suppress the dialog be enough?


I actually want the dialogue though, the important thing is the timeout.

I want to be able to reboot our devices during maintenance, but if a user is active on a device, I want them to be able to cancel the reboot process, and if not, the timer runs out and the device reboots. It works like this when I run user_shutdown: _(first screenshot)_

but user_reboot does not have the timer: _(2nd screenshot)_

And forcefully rebooting without showing a warning or allowing the user to cancel is exactly what we want to avoid.

Does that make sense?

Maybe a possible workaround could be to make a custom window using ‘yad’? That should work I guess. But I was hoping there would be an easier way

The fun fact is that this GTK Message is calling:

user_reboot, this calls soft_reboot and there:


if [ “$REBOOT_TIMEOUT” = “yes” ] ; then

DIALOG_TIMEOUT=`get userinterface.shutdown_dialog.dialog_timeout`


I’m on a call atm., but will check.


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