How to add bookmarks to Chrome / Firefox in IGEL OS?

So I am trying to get bookmarks working but i just can’t get it working. I have tried both chrome and firefox. I have UMS file rule in place that puts the bookmarks.html file in the chrome folder, and the places.sqlit file in the firefox profile path. But when i open the browsers they do not have the bookmarks. Is there something i am missing.

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I would define the bookmarks in the firefox configuration and in chrome with the policies.

In chrome I define our bookmarks with policies, in FF I would think you can do it the same way. 😅

Firefox policies:

Here I would work with the “Bookmarks” policy.

Chrome policies:

1. How-To-Do: (Roll out/Edit the policy.json in policies/managed/)

2. Chrome policy list: (Use the policy “ManagedBookmarks” to configure the bookmarks)

For Chrome I can help you with the configuration. I configured and rolled out the Chrome CP with complete edited Chrome policies and the now integrated Chromium the same. (Just a nice hint: Chromium ist integrated in IGEL OS since 11.04.; But will firstly work with custom policies with a IGEL profile on firmwares higher then 11.04.253, but you can define the policy.json normally)

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