How to add DNS Search Suffixes to a IGEL OS using Profile?

Hi, anyone knows a good way of adding DNS Search Suffixes to a TC using Profile? TC is on DHCP but the scope has no Option set. I have to do it on the TC.

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Are you looking to set a nameserver/default domain?

If so, check under LAN/WLAN -> DHCP

Is there a reason you wouldn’t just set option 15 and be done?

My devices dont get plugged in until they are out in the field so a profile setting wouldnt help them find the management server since they wouldnt have the profile yet. The DHCP option is far more reliable.

@member TCs find the UMS server fine. I had a need to test one-off suffixes, with DHCP not under my control, it would take time to get those option set (and remove).

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