how to add favorites to chrome in IGEL

Hi All, would anyone know how to add favorites to chrome in IGEL? I flowed the instructions however, all I receive is the location where the favorites should be.

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Disregard I was able to find out the answer. Please see the following link.

Could chapter 3.8.1 from IGEL OS with Chromium not help you? I see one mistake there, you have to use policy name ManagedBookmarks but this should work.

Hi Leon, I apricate the the follow up. The typo in the documentation completely threw me off delaying my project. It wasn’t until I used Google that I was able to determine my error. I image that others will be seeking the same information as such I wanted to share this with them so they didn’t lose precious time such as myself. I am a novice to the Linux environment and little mistakes such as that can become very costly. I ask if this document could be reread to ensure that other mistakes aren’t present. I apologize if I am coming off a bit rough however, I can not understate how frustrating it was to resolve this. Additionally I found other KB articles were missing important information. An example the Zoom article didn’t mention anything about adding the .xml profile and I didn’t realize that I need to run these commands in a Ubuntu environment not the IGEL.

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