How to add Openconnect options on IGEL OS?

Urgent ** Is there any chance to set the command line option “–useragent=AnyConnect” for VPN-OpenConnect. After a update on an external (Cisco)-VPN-Gateway all IGEL-Clients can not connect to the VPN anymore. Thanx for helping!🤞🙏

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Is there anything in the openconnect session options, or registry, that let you set something like useragent?

Similar, but doesn’t seem like what you want, in 11.08.440:

“`|Setup |Network>VPN>OpenConnect VPN>Name>Session |


|Parameter |`Protocol` |


|Registry |`sessions.openconnect.vpnopts.protocol`


|Value |{}anyconnect{*}/nc/pulse/gp/f5/fortinet/array |


If you cannot find any such exposed options in the sessions area, some of the examples here modify the “oc-starter” script. It seems like it would do the job, but might be overkill unless no other option exists.

For example, this one modifies the oc-starter:

Thank you. I also thought about changing th oc-starter script and I think it works (need some additional testing). By the way -> an GUI-Option for command line options would be nice (and easy!).

Maybe a script that calls zenity.

Here is an example

Workaround – changed oc-starter from “$GW” to $GW, now I can append command line options into the GUI-Gateway-Field. #LifeHack

Nice workaround!

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