How to add time based restrictions on IGEL profiles?

Anybody aware of a way of putting time based restrictions on policies? For example, policy X applies between 17:00 and 07:00?

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something similar was asked here

you could schedule the assignment of profiles to views – but afaik you cant remove those profiles from the view.

a possibility would be the use of the IMI (API – has to be licensed ).

Here you can find a Powershell Module for use with the API:

i.e.: create 2 scheduled tasks


Update-UMSProfileAssignment -Computername ‘UMSSERVER’ -WebSession $WebSession -ProfileID 471 -DirID 300


Remove-UMSProfileAssignment -Computername ‘UMSSERVER’ -WebSession $WebSession -ProfileID 471 -DirID 300

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