How to add two VMware Horizon sessions to run at the same time on IGEL OS

hello everyone, i’m looking for solution since weeks now but can’t find it . we currently have 2 server to access horizon vmare internal and external . but currently we can’t add both in the same window . do you have any idea ?

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i’ve tried to keep settings about horizon but i don’t know really if its possible. added screenshot to be more helpfull

Two session profiles? One for internal and one for external, apply both profiles to the same device

yes we can do like that but my client prefered with both included 😞

I have three session profiles assigned to my UD7 and on the monitor I get CVAD, Horizon, and Parallels RAS.

Why the reluctance to use two profiles if it does what you need?

@member just to get you right, you have two Horizon Servers set in two distinct Sessions?




I guess this would produce a Horizon starter with the

the 2 brokers taken from horizon sessions defined in the setup.

Create a custom application with this long line.

get sessions.vdm_client0.options.serverurl > ~/.vmware/view-recent-brokers; get sessions.vdm_client1.options.serverurl >> ~/.vmware/view-recent-brokers; PATH=/services/vvdm/bin:$PATH; vmware-view

(But you wouldn’t have any of the options defined in the specific session in the setup, however you could add them manually eg. add them after vmware-view, if you know the calling conventions)


i will check and try this

oh yeah it works fine, but its true that no option is available

This is why we make start scripts

So if there are many options needed it’s better to go with our session scripts. If only eg. username and autoconnect you just add `-q -u <username>` after vmware-view

ty both for your help,have a good day

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