How to add/enable USB webcam to IGEL UMS?

Hi All, anyone know how to add/enable USB webcam to IGEL UMS? 10.05.800. thanks!

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For Citrix it is Sessions/Citrix/Citrix Global/HDX Multimedia

For Horizon you would most likely want to enable RTAV and Multimedia Redirection.

Sessions -> Horizon Client -> Horizon Client Global -> Multimedia

mmm, we are using the linux OS on the physical IGEL box.

That should be what those instructions are for. You can apply those settings via a UMS server policy.

i havent seen horizon mentioned in the IGEL


@member @member so i enabled the citrix pass through and the webcam works IN IGEL, but doesnt work within the citrix env a la webex. thoughts


Have you configured your Citrix policies to allow HDX wecam? Off the top of my head, I don’t remember the exact policy.

If it works in IGEL, then we need to investigate the Citrix side of things, specifically passthrough, and or USB redirection (assuming it is a USB webcam)

i think so, if you mean within IGEL UMS – i dont have access to citrix side but i assume its live. the HDX is withing IGEL or citrix?

@member it has to be enabled on the IGEL side, and the Citrix policy has to allow for it to be active.

just citrix HDX?

its been enabled and working in IGEL just not citrix

Then, it is more than likely the Citrix policy that you need to look at.

do you find a solution for the problem? thanks

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