How to allow IGEL OS to accept spaces in a WiFI SSID?

I have a home user on a UD3 with LXOS, attempting to access WiFi. Her home WiFi SSID has spaces in it, and we can’t get the UD3 to take the network config. Is there a way to “trick” the OS into allowing spaces in the SSID?

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Which Firmware are you on?


Can you connect the device per LAN and update it to a newer firmware? If yes, i would provide you a fix.

Can do! How new does it need to be? Will 11.04.220, 240, or 253 work? Also just recieved .911 for another problem we’re having. Thanks! 😃

.264 should at least include the fix. Will PM you. Just to be sure: are you using the Wifi Manager to get connected or Igel Setup?

We’ve tried both. We are moving to WiFi Manager, though.

You only need to use SSID with “SSID”

Put it in double quotes? We’ll try it!

yes, because its the same like the nmcli command

nmcli device wifi connect “my homewifi” password mypass

you can easy try that in the terminal

Thank you! Waiting for the user to get back with us to test.

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