How to allow the IGEL OS clients to access this resource for the firmware updates on remote storage?

I’m using an Ubuntu server for the ICG. I placed a mount point and have installed FTP to it. Can Someone point me to a resource that will detail the configuration to allow the clients to access this resource for the firmware updates?

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You can either set it globally (all TCs will use it) or via profile, depending if you want all clients to utilize it or not. I usually set it via profile; here is the link to the global setup:

Here is the section would you would configure everything for FTP if you did it via profile:

Once you set it up via profile and assign it, you would send settings and update just as you would assigning a normal firmware update file.

Hello Brian, I wouldn’t recommend running FTP on the same server as ICG.

The FTP service on Ubuntu is running on the ICG and I placed an additional mount to that server. The ICG is what the clients are configured to see, but I need to place a repository to store the firmware that the clients can see. Is there a better practice then this process?

I’m new to the IGEL solution. Is there a step by step for setting FTP on Ubuntu or Linux 5 can reference?

Hey Brian – I think Chris is referring to best practices on having separate roles for separate servers (eg., don’t use your Domain Controller as a file server). It would be best to setup FTP on a separate Ubuntu box, and even better to use FTPS to ensure traffic is encrypted (requires a certificate).

Here’s a guide for setting up FTPS for Ubuntu – it tells you how to enable FTPS at the end.

How To Install an FTP Server On Ubuntu with vsftpd

Hello Brian, give me a few minutes. Working on some stuff, but I’ll put an answer together when I wrap it up

@member Nick is exactly correct. The best way to do this would be to setup a separate FTP (or SFTP/ssh if you need something more secure) server other than UMS that your devices can get access to. Place your firmware updates on that server and create an update profile which points your devices to that server for updates.

Note this was done internally, but externally works as well. Different ICG IP for reference

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