How to allow two of more VMware Horizon sessions from one IGEL OS thin client?

Question: I have a VMware Horizon environment where some users have access to multiple VMs trough Igel TCs, how would I set this up so they can access 2 (or more) desktops at once from the Igel?

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you mean different connection brokers or different VMs? On 1) just add another connection through + under Sessions,Horizon View, Sessions

On 2) are they listed in View Client? If yes, you could switch by using the In Session Controlbar or Hotkeys.

If not, are you using the Appliance mode maybe?

Sorry, let me try to clarify that a bit, 1 connection broker, 2 end VMs, the tricky part is we would need 2 users, 1 for each session (see pasted picture)

So for VM 1 STD we would like to use user (A) and for VM 2 LAB we would like to use user (B)

Well, you could create one Session which uses Active Directory login as Passthrough and a second without, where the user would authenticate with other creds but I‘m not sure if that would help so much.

May I ask why you need two users? How did you solved it on Windows?

Well, one machine in the laboratory (-> LAB) uses a dedicated generic user, the other one not, its a required procedure at this customer

@member, you could do two sessions, and in the “generic” user session fill in the username and password when creating the session.

Then in a second session, leave the items blank and have the user populate them.

This isn’t a great workflow and will most likely cause more confusion for the users. Two desktops is never a great user experience.

A better workflow may be to have the users authenticate to their session, and then launch the generic session from within the VM.

Thank you very much for the idea of starting the generic session from inside the first one, this looks like the way to go. 🙂

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