How to allow USB mass storage passthrough on Citrix and IGEL

Can anyone confirm what settings need to be enabled to allow successful USB mass storage passthrough to VDI? We have Native USB Redirection enabled but it’s very intermittent, sometimes the USB stick mounts successfully to the VDI and is usable and other times it appears as inaccessible removable media. We are applying the settings under Citrix, Global, Native USB Redirection

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I would always prefer to follow the optimized virtual channel approach: no USB Redirection but Mapping:

Enabling Hotplug:

works usually pretty well without other steps, if mapping is not disabled:

The USB stick is mounted on the Dell thin client not on a Citrix server. I just want the USB stick redirected from the local IGEL thin client to the Win10 VDI. It was suggested I achieve this by using Native USB Redirection. I’m not sure Hotplug/drive mapping works in this scenario

I would use the mapping there, it achieves exactly this usecase.

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