How to apply a certificate to the IGEL UMS server?

The security team for a vendor i’m working with ran a scan against IGEL UMS and noticed that the cert was invalid and requested myself and my client to apply a cert to the UMS server. Is there any documentation out that shows how to apply a cert to the UMS server? Is this done in UMS?

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Sure, but please be aware that our cert isn’t invalid in general, it’s just self signed for our own purpose. So, if you want to use your own corporate, no problem, here is described how:

Please keep in mind that in case where you use our HA, it will need some additional efforts.

Hope it helps a bit!

In this case, we aren’t using the HA feature so I should be able to follow the link you sent. Thanks a lot Sebastien!

i would be interested to know what your security team has to complain about particular, since the certificate is not invalid, and just self signed.

What would be the impact of disabling IIS on the UMS server?

What do you mean by IIS, the tomcat we are using? It’s neither recommended nor supported. But IIS is not a standard component we use or install, so if you meant IIS, it’s not directly related to us. It might be used for firmware updates a.e. but that’s on the customer side.

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