How to apply a setting change via an IGEL Profile without the user being prompted?

Anyone know how to apply a setting change via profile without the user being prompted ?

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Easiest way on next reboot, and reboot the device at night, or what do you need exactly?

We are going Pre BCP mode currently there are users that currently dont have a device at home. Also we use the workspace login app box for them to access everything but that wont support MFA, so my workaround was deploy a browser shortcut for the web to login from home. but instead of stressing people out if it could be done behind the scenes…. Also wanted to deploy enable wireless but that disconnects the network adapter when that applys, hoping to get this done before the user removes it off the network or if next reboot is an option does the settings take affect when they turn it back on next time even if not connected to the network ?

You could combine following settings:

• create a profile for a Screensaver and Conditional command

• There specify on Inactivity the command get_rmsettings & killwait_postsetupd

• Apply to all devices

• make your upcoming changes

• apply Profile on next Reboot

and then all the settings would be get catched on inactivity from the user

interesting… i will give it a go..

You just want to make changes without them seeing a confirmation? Like this?

yeah something like that would be good

thanks Jeremy

Then I got you wrong @member since Jeremy solution ends up in the same on like: Apply now (UMS) => 20 Secs countdown (endpoint) => Apply settings locally (directly or GUI Restart// Session disconnect) but without the countdown. My mistake🙂

both still good ideas.. thanks guys

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