How to assign a default profile for newly attached IGEL OS thin clients over ICG?

Hello: is there a way to assign a default profile for newly attached thin clients. We want a specific default profile assigned for devices that connect via ICG

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This possible?

Any way to tag clients that connect via ICG?

Yes — Almost everything is possible. For example

Views + Administrative tasks + Profiles

Create view that pulls all endpoints with IP address not on client network.

do you have a link to examples?

We use a separate directory in UMS for our ICG devices and assign the different profiles to the directory (i.e. connect to Netscaler instead for direct to Citrix Storefonr servers). Devices connected over ICG automatically sort themself in this directory using the “Default Directory Rules” You can create a rule based on if the device is connected using ICG.

KB for Views

KB for Admin Tasks you’ll want to look at the “Assign Objects to the Devices of Views” section.

Default directory rules would work for this too, if you want the ICG devices to go into a folder like Markus mentions. You could assign the profile you want them to have to the folder and the DDR would route them into this folder on boot.

KB for Default Directory Rules

I have been playing around with Default Directory Rules — Thanks for the pointer .. I cant seem to find a way to associate a profile with devices that are triggered with this rule

how do I link a profile to directory . We want the rule executed one time — when the device first connects

when a device connects via ICG we want a profile assigned

then we can manually move the device to a different profile at a later time

If you are planning on moving them out of the “staging” directory after they receive their profile then I would recommend looking at Ron’s suggestion about views/admin tasks/profiles. Default directory rules are great if the device is going to live in a folder or subfolder based on the requirements set, but if these are going to move around I’d just let a view find the device and get the profile assignment. This way if the device moves out of the directory you’ve got your profile assigned to, it won’t lose that profile. I’ll send some screenshots in a moment.

“how do I link a profile to directory .” – There are a few ways. One is to navigate to the profile inside UMS and click the “+” and choose the directory. Another is to navigate to the directory and click the “+” and add the profile.

Here’s screenshots of setting up a view and attaching a profile to it using Administrative Tasks.

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