How to assign Firmware Customizations via IGEL powershell cmdlets?

Is there a way to assign Firmware Customizations via IGEL powershell cmdlets? I’ve been using Set-IgelTCDirectoryProfileAssignments for other profiles and it works great, but now have to assign a FC to about 500 individual folders, which are nested several layers down in the device tree.

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IGEL has not published an update to their IMI for some time now. Multiple new features such as moving FC out of profiles and into its own section, and adding Template values/groups have come out since the last IMI reference. There doesn’t appear to be anything in the reference doc that would allow you to assign anything other than regular profiles right now.

This is the latest that’s been published

Thanks, I’ve reviewed that before and hoped I was just missing something.

I am in the same boat as you and am desperately waiting for a way to assign template groups through powershell.

There are sadly no plans from IGEL to work on the API afaik – this was an asked question to one of the PM guys in a community meetup last month.

your only way would be to do it via SQL if you really need it – but that would not be supported by IGEL

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