How to assign licenses to device remotely who only have the starter license?

Hi, my helpdesk guys enrolled 100 devices without waiting for license to be activated, so now we have 100 devices out in the wild internet with “Starter” license. How do I assign real licenses to these devices?

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Hi Vojin, I would do the following:

• create a new profile

• copy the following one liner into: System, Firmware Customisation, Custom Commands, Desktop, Final Desktop Command

`mount -o remount,rw /license; find . | grep -iRl “.*lic” /license/dsa/licenses/ | xargs -I {} rm -rf {}; mount -o remount,ro /license`

• Remove the profile after

• Reboot all devices one time

• Devices should get licenses

Thanks @member

@member will this command apply to replace expired licences with active one. some devices picked up expired Workspace Edition Maintenance licences

No, it will remove every license. That should do the trick then.

Thanks @member how do i force them to pick up active licence. What will be the effect on a device if the Workspace Edition Maintenance is expired

You cannot update them that’s the limitation. I would disable the License deployment for that pack:

Thanks Sebastien!! Much appreciated

If you want to be more granular and only remove the demo licenses, I’ve used this custom command in the “Before Desktop Start” area. Benefits are that it

1. only removes the license file “IGEL_OS_DEMO_LICENSE.lic”

2. additional reboots while this policy is active will leave production licences (ie. non-demo) in place without deleting them. The script block will only run if “IGEL_OS_DEMO_LICENSE.lic” is found.

`find /license/dsa/licenses/ -name IGEL_OS_DEMO_LICENSE.lic | xargs -i{} sh -c “mount -o remount,rw /license; rm -f {}; logger -it ‘custom-demo-license-removal’ ‘deleted {} [$?]’; mount -o remount,ro /license;”`

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