How to automate export all IGEL UMS profiles and folder structure from one server and import to another server?

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I am looking for automation to export all existing profiles from one UMS server and import to another server along with folder structure as well. Is there any way this can be dome using the PowerShell.

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By using PowerShell i could able get all profiles into a csv file along with profile name, Id, parent Id etc.. but does not show the path of the profile. Also I don’t see any import option using PowerShell

Please let me know is there any way this process can be automated using PowerShell or any other way.

Process: exporting profiles from one UMS server and importing profiles to another UMS server along with folder structure.

We have built another UMS server in different environment. Please let us know the best practices and any automation can be done to get all profiles, devices etc.. to the new UMS server instead of recreating manually.

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Hi Vijaya, we don‘t have that atm. but the use case is pretty clear and useful when speaking about test and prod sync. We already had this discussion a couple of times to export / import profiles automatically. Is that the use case you are looking for? If yes, would you mind to create a feature proposal under:

I would upvote it if I got right!

Thanks a lot Sebastien for your reply. Is it possible to export profiles from UMS console and import in another UMS console without modifying the folder structure?

If I get what you are trying to accomplish (migrate profiles and directories to a new server without using an existing database), then you can export and import the profiles via UMS and then use powershell via the IMI / rest API to migrate the structures for directories and profiles (with the corresponding assignments).

If this is your use case, let me know.

Thanks a lot Falk for your reply. Yes, you are correct Falk. My 1st option is there any way we can import the profiles using PowerShell? I am able to export the profile list using get-umsprofile command. Same profile list need to imported along with folder structure to another UMS server using PowerShell. If not possible using PowerShell, 2nd option by using UMS console to do the same without PowerShell. My requirement in one line is Export profiles from UMS server and import to another UMS server(empty database – newly created) by retaining the folder structure.

Manual profile export would keep folder structure inside of the Zip.

@member get-umsprofile gets the profiles as in ID and name, NOT the profile as such. You have to export / import them via UMS.

@member has the best solution in your case (if assignments are not important / not to be migrated)

Thank You Sebastien and Falk. I will try with export and import options from the console itself.

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