How to automate importing profiles to the IGEL UMS?

Hi all,

I would need the automation of importing profiles to an ums instance. The idea would be, i have the file, and via igel IMI and a curl command i import a profile. I cannot use powershell since its a full linux system. For what i read in the documentation, its only possible to rename profiles, and no load/create them

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Any ideas?


Hi, atm. this feature isn‘t integrated that‘s right! What is the goal you are trying to achieve?

yes you are right, the IMI does not support the creation / import of profiles.

btw: powershell is crossplatform for over 2 years now 😉

The goal is to be able to automate common igel workflows for a continuous integration environment. At least, automate up to a certain level, because i know the installation cannot be performed unnattended. But expected that somehow i could, once the system is installed, trigger the import of some preconfigured profile files, plus creating the thinclients, in an automated way.

Thanks for your answers!

I am presenting tomorrow on using the API with my PSIGEL Powershell module – also working in Linux – i have demos that show the abilities of the API – come and join!

@member Here is sample CI/CD ITIL Change workflow and you could have full automation once IGEL has updated IMI to allow automation around profiles.

•Test / Sandbox IGEL UMS

•Create profile and test

•Export profile (XML) and add to GitHub

•Document the change

•Pre-Prod / QA IGEL UMS

•Pull profile from revision GitHub

•Import into UMS

•Successfully tested and given approval to move to Production

•Production IGEL UMS

•Referencing profile in GitHub, create & obtain change approvals

•During change window, install change and complete tests

•Close change request

Sample Profile in GitHub

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