How to automate script to set network name during IGEL OS boot?


Our company uses static IP addresses and static DNS entries. I am attempting to set the network name during boot via reverse DNS lookup. We’re running UMS 6.07.100 and UC5-LX

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I found a script that I modified and I believe should work, I have tried it first under Network -> After network DNS and second under Base -> Final initialization command. I have also enabled “Adjust UMS-internal name if network name has changed”.


RENAME=$(dig -x $(hostname -I) +short)



if [“$RENAME” != “$HOSTNAME”]


setparam network.dns.hostname $RENAME

killall postsetupd



If I run these commands via the local terminal I have had success, but I have not been able to automate them as of yet. I am new to Igel, am I doing something wrong, is there an easier way?


I also found a setting in the registry that looked promising, network.dns.hostname_dnslookup but haven’t gotten that to work either.


Try setting it in Custom CommandsBaseInitialization. That’s where my script runs for renaming devices, and it has worked well. It does require a reboot.

I’ll give it a shot, I was assuming I would have to wait longer for the network to come up and DNS to work.

Moving it to initialization does not appear to have made a difference.

I put your code into a profile. See attached. Reboot needed for it to take after applied to system.

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