How to automate the the IGEL OS setup process or customizing the image?

Is there any documentation for automating the the iGel setup process or customizing the image? I’m working on performing an inplace upgrade on about 1000 devices and trying to automate as much as possible.

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Hi Alex, hope, that articles helps a bit:

• On automazed FW Updates, great thread with ideas

• Disabling unneeded features:

• Buddy Update

@member thanks for the info, but I what I’m really driving at is automating the setup process so that we can pull the devices into ums without a tech touching the machine.

Current I can run the inplace upgrade task sequence on a Windows box to convert it, but it reboots into the setup.

Is there a way to provide this configuration to the .bin file?

If I capture an image with the initial setup configuration can I expand the file system to the empty disk space?

Are you using SCCM?


That‘s a pretty different story then ☺️

Will send you a PM.

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