How to automate toggling between ICG and UMS Direct Connection?

Has anyone automated toggling between ICG and Direct Connection? We have a training program with IgelOS on laptops that frequently moves between a variety of sites and also employees who move both thin clients and laptops between home and office networks at will.

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It is a difficulty and not best use of their time to have to put in a Service Desk ticket and wait when they move, and it is also a burden on the Service Desk. We probably have more than 50 people that work this way.

I am thinking that the instructions here can be automated:

and will try to get this working unless someone has already come up with a good way to accommodate this workstyle already.


Oh….sounds like this:

Yes, thank you @member – same issue. Has anyone solved this in their enviroment/worked on it already and is willing to share?

I think there’s a few methods mentioned in those threads. Did you have a look?

Ah – I went back and looked again and from a referenced thread I’ll try separate directories like here:

I was trying to do this from the same directories as we already have more sprawl than I like in our directory structure. I do still think it should be more automatic and seamless someday – an automatic switch behind the scenes in UMS that is transparent to the end user and Service Desk – but this may work for now. This is definitely quicker than what I was going to build, so Thank you!

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