How to automatically notify IGEL UMS of an IP address change from IGEL OS?

Hello everyone, we have a problem with adding windows 10 IGEL UMA laptops to the UMS console. The laptops work from home via OpenVPN and WLAN. I prepared 10 laptops in the company via USB-LAN adapter and distributed them to the employees. Now I wanted to add the devices to the UMS console, but each of the 10 devices has the same MAC address. Why does the UMS console not use the WLAN or OpenVPN MAC address as the UNIT ID or MAC address? Are the devices that have been set up saved even if they have been deleted? Can I delete this from the database?

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Thanks in advance.

I solved the problem. The laptops have to be added twice in the UMS console. Then the MAC address is also changed to the OpenVPN MAC address.

But I have one more question. The laptops in the OpenVPN network always have a new IP address. How can I automatically notify the UMS console of the change from the client?

Hi Andreas, what happens if you set a DNS Alias





and reboot.

If that doesn‘t work, open a local Terminal, login as root and issue the command


then F5 on UMS

if that doesn‘t work either, try get_rmsettings

Hi Sebastien, thanks for the suggestions. I have set the “igelrmserver” entry in the DNS as described here ( and it works on the IGEL OS 11 Devices. I still have to search for the Windows 10 IGEL UMA devices with OpenVPN in the UMS console. I will continue testing soon.

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