How to best manage the IGEL OS firmware upgrade process?

We are looking for some feedback or guideline on how to best manage the firmware upgrade process. Ideally we would like to create some sort of dynamic groups with specific thin clients the goal is to be able to populate the dynamic groups by using some specific attribute (not sure yet which one to use). The idea is to upgrade the firmware based on these dynamic groups which will be populated with the thin clients that have/match the custom attribute that we decide (maybe location). Can this be done with UMS, maybe views? How are you managing this task?

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hi @member

yip, Views would probably be the best way to go.

You can create some custom attributes and attach them to certain devices.

Any documentation on “how to” available?

start here:

@member in addition to Carls article, here are a few threads which may help also for your plans:

I don’t know if these tips are mentioned in the other chats, but I explain two customer attributes which make sense regarding FW-update:

1) Keyuser: Create a list with “yes ” and “no” and create the view based on yes so you can update your keyuser first

2) 24/7-devices: Create a key (NoPowerOff) and a list with “yes” and “no” so you can block these devices from being updating over night etc. when they’re needed (thanks to @member)

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