How to browse to a directory on the IGEL OS?

Hello, I need to be able to browse to this directory on the IGEL OS on my converted endpoint (/opt/Citrix/ICAClient). I logged in via SecureTerminal to the endpoint but I couldn’t find that directory. What do I need to use and how can I browse to that path? Thanks alot.

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Hello, may I ask first what are you are trying to do? I just connected through SSH (would recommend to use that one), login, su (enter the Admin PW) and cd /opt/Citrix/ICAClient should give you what you need.

Thanks Sebastian. I’m having the worst time getting the Olympus DR1200 Mic to pass through to a shared desktop. I contacted Olympus and they sent me directions ( i’ll post them below). I’m only trying this as a last ditch effort. I didn’t feel I should need to do this to the microphone to work correctly. I’ve made some progress but buttons still won’t engage mmodal

For ICA driver:

1. Locate ICA Client installation directory (probably /opt/Citrix/ICAClient)

2. Copy ica/ to ICA client installation directory as “VDOLYCOM.DLL” (ex: /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/VDOLYCOM.DLL)

3. Modify /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/config/module.ini:

a) Under section “ICA 3.0”:

Append “OlyCom” to “VirtualDriver” list

Add key “OlyCom” with value “On”

b) Create new section “OlyCom”:

Add key “DriverName” with value “VDOLYCOM.DLL”

@member, is the shared desktop running Server 2016? There are some known issues with USB redirection from Linux receivers to Windows Server OSes – I’ve seen this before with Phillips SpeechMics

Hey @member it’s a windows server 2012r2 shared desktop. Have you ran across customers hitting the same issues on Server2012R2?

Wrong @member lol sorry about that

None that I recall, but it would not surprise me if it behaved similarly to server 2016. I’ll check in the morning

Thanks a lot!

Hi Jamar – you still have the challenge? the Olympus DR 1200 is supported with Citrix in our IGEL OS ( Did you activate the channel?

Did you configure the device for native USB Redirection?

I was able to get a Philips speech mike to work with same settings as the Olympus except I switched from the Olympus to philips virtual channel.

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