How to bulk load Dept field in the IGEL UMS Console?

Hi,, new here.. wanted to see if there is a way to bulk load Dept field in the Igel Console?

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Hi Sean, good to have you onboard. You mean the department field list on the asset details of the Endpoint in UMS? A mass import like on CSV, right?

System,Import,Import Devices,Long Format might help?

@member, does a csv work to update existing objects or will it only work for importing new objects? Importing a csv is by far the easiest way to load all that device information ahead of time.

Anyways, if you need to update a bunch of existing objects, I would probably familiarize yourself with the API and @member’s PSIGEL powershell module

@member it should yes, from what I recall. Will check later on!

Yes looking to update existing assets… and just the dept field

so there is a way to add dept field during a new asset import?

New asset import: CSV, Update the field (but cannot check atm.) CSV Import AND/OR IMI RestApi

I may not understand this.. (but cannot check atm.) CSV Import AND/OR IMI RestApi

my apologizes

I mean on an initial import of endpoints, you may use the CSV Import and if you want to update the field on existing endpoints: IMI (our Rest API) or CSV Reimport (but cannot check if that one works). Sorry was on a call and should have taken more time to write.

1. ok gotcha now

does a reimport right over anything or would just add whats misisng?


That‘s what I can‘t test for the moment😉

@member i think the re-import mode works – never tested it myself – and propably @member told me it would, which would mean it does 😄

but you can also you IMI / API and therefore my Powershell module PSIGEL, especially this function:

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