How to cancel a running update process on IGEL OS?

Hello all, is there any possibility to cancel a running update process? Background is the following: We have many Home-Office clients and because too high ICG costs, we can ́t update the clients outside the company network in the Home-Office. Due to a mistake from my update policies the clients outside the company network tried to update the clients in a continuous loop. We solved the issue by sending the employee to the company, what was not a good solution, but it helped. We searching now for a solution for the users without driving to the company.

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I hope the best community can help us.

Many thanks for your help and a nice weekend all. 🙂

VPN isn’t a solution for you? We have all HOme Office thinclients connected through automatic VPN Connections. Through this we can update these Clients without using ICG

We are using VPN to bring the clients in our company network. But the update working not with VPN, because after the restart the client is not connected via VPN and the update fails. We have not the best experiences with IGEL OS updates over a VPN connection.

Couldn’t you host the FW on a server accessible from the internet? You could then point the clients to grab it from there. If you have the VPN in place and UMS is reachable, you should be able to update the policy I guess.

I am pretty sure that the update task is set as a file in the filesystem of the client (init system?) and should be removable…

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