How to capture CDP data coming from our switches using an script?

I am trying to use the attached script to capture CDP data coming from our switches to write it out to a field in UMS. I have to su to the root user when testing it locally for it to work. When I try to run it via Custom Command, the variables aren’t defined. Is there a way to run it with the required permissions from the UMS profile? Also… I am using the structure tag field in UMS as it was mentioned in another example, is it possible to write to a different attribute in UMS?

Usually, commands that are executed as custom command are executed in a root context. How did you start your script in your profile?

I just have the attached script pasted in Initialization section of the profile.

Try another approach for testing:

create a file on your computer

paste your script in it, save it as

upload it to UMS using files: file location /wfs/

Rights: RWE for root, E for user

Assign the file to the endpoint

check if file is really there

Change your profile with custom command to

/bin/bash /wfs/

I tried running it this way as well and I’m getting the same result.

And what happens when issuing the /bin/… command in a local terminal logged in as root?

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